Plose opens today

The ski resort opens today, the gondola lift Plose and the Schönboden lift are open.

Funpark is still closed. As soon as there is enough snow, the preparation of the Funpark will start.

Check us out on Bergfex

Check us out on Bergfex for park facts and updates!

Plose Opening Friday!

Plose will finally get the lifts turning this Friday, the 16th. Unfortunately, due to lack of snow, we have to push back the park opening and the Geisler Junior Jam until a later date. This coming week we (weiterlesen …)

Plose Opening pushed back to the 16th

See you next Friday!!! Pray for snow!

Opening next Friday

The whole situation on Plose is still not good enough to open the ski resort. People are working hard to produce snow and hopefully some more is coming from above…

Opening has been scheduled for 16th December!

Things are looking good for opening weekend!!

Finally! We hope that everything comes together just perfect and Plose is able to open this Saturday! See you then!

Opening winter season delayed

Because of the very atipical weather conditions the opening of the ski resort has been delayed  to 10th December.

Funpark Plose- Sponsored by Quiksilver!

So, its official, We have a new main sponsor for the park. You may have heard of it, a small surf/skate/snow/fashion brand named QUIKSILVER. So what does that mean for our park?

(weiterlesen …)

Winter is coming…. the Bees told me so…

I know, at the moment, we haven’t had much snow in the Mountains so far. That is actually a good thing! Remember last season? We had a ton of snow in the fall and then very little over the winter season. According to what I’ve heard, the winter will arrive a bit later than normal, just like the fall this year. We had this long Indian summer, right? That means a late winter too. What I’ve heard is (weiterlesen …)

Official Park Opening Day

Our Official Park Opening Day is on the 24th of December, and the next day (the 25th) we will kick it off with a Funpark Plose Dirty Santa Christmas Party!! We won’t cook a big extravagant dinner, wear funny hats, or sing any songs, but we will open up some presents! We plan to have a WHITE ELEPHANT GIFT EXCHANGE (Dirty Santa) where you can try to trade in your unwanted sweater from Aunt Olga and maybe come away with something cool. If you know what a White Elephant gift exchange is, you are already ahead of the game.

If not, google it, or check up on it here (

The game involves bringing (weiterlesen …)

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Current snowdepth: 50 cm

Impressions form the Funpark