Results from the Slopestyle Tour at Plose

Have you seen? We even got an article and a Photo in the Dolomiten!

First of all, a big Congratulations to our local ripper Remo Rossi, who won the kid’s division of the Snowboarders South Tirol Slopestyle Tour Halfpipe contest last weekend!!!

Now the results from the Ski South Tirol Slopestyle Tour from 3.2.13 at Funpark Plose. Unfortunately, because of the high wind and cold that morning, we had to have the contest in the Easy line, where the jumps are between 4 and 8 meters.

There were over 50 competitors from as far away as Livingo, so the standard was very high!! We saw many Corked 720s and 900s, pushing the bar higher than ever before! So you can be sure that the following guys are riding hard!!

Pascal Runggaldier
Fabian Bernardi
Ralph Welponer

Fabian Oggiano
Rene Montelone
Moritz Happacher

The next stop for the Skiers is in Speikboden on the 24th of Febuary!

Check out the photos from Sunday’s South Tirol Slopestyle Tour

Here is a link to all the photos from Sunday!!

In other news… we have a few recent additions to the park!
We set up this week our 8 meter c-box, we built a quarter pipe with a 3 meter extension, a 10 meter down rail and the 6 meter Industry pipe!

So come check it… this week we will put in some riffle tubes (2 of then, 6 meters each) and the last of our jibs…. There is also one more jump in the works, so stay tuned… see you on the hill!

Pullin’ rails out

Me n’ Simon started to pull out our arsenal of about 20-25 rails, in hopes of getting some on-snow within the next week or so….

For now, we got the rails out for the rail battle in the valley, and also for the easy line. Easy line is already in good shape, with snow covering all the knuckles and cannons in operation full time. Pro line requires a lot of the white stuff, but we got cannons working overtime to get it up ASAP. Stay tuned for more updates…

For now, even without a park, the riding is super fun with great snow conditions and a lot of natural stuff to jib n’ slash all over the mountian, that should tide you over til we get something going in the park….

Night Rail Battle on Saturday

Don´t forget to come up and support the shredders on saturday night!!

International pros and ams, both skiiers and snowboarders will be batteling for €1200 euros in prize money.

The contest will be hosted by the Plose Freestyle club, The Rodeo Riders, and supported by the Plose Funpark sponsor, 100-one in Bolzano.

After the contest, there will be a huge afterparty at P3, located right next to the Rail venue….!! There will be live music and good times….

See you there!!


for more details, see the facebook event….!/events/167643363379707/?fref=ts

I know I did.
There’s some snow canons in the park, and things are already looking good.
We’ll start pushing snow around this week!

Can you smell the snow??

YEAH…. with all the rain down in the valley, there is also some snow up on the Plose!

Winter season starts on 1st DEC! Let’s get ready!

Plose Funpark Video is UP

Hey dudes and dudettes….


Check out our funpark “promo” video for this year…. Great job with the Cut and filming Basti Funk!! And of course, great skiing and shredding by our local dudes….

Plose 2012

6 Easy and Medium Boxes and Rails are waiting…

Tomorrow they are finished.
Go get your jib on.

Then, pray for snow so we can build some kickers already!!

3 rails are ready to jib…. more to come this week!

While the snow and general weather conditions have let all of us down SO FAR this year, things are getting underway at Funpark Plose. We have 3 rails set up and ready, and I hope to bust out the easy line this week, if the weather cooperates. We’re shooting for a December 31st park opening, whacha think about dat?

Park Status UPDATE

Out come the rails!
Today we will get out rails and start park operations! Although the snow situation is still not in our favor, we will build something temporary this week to play around on, and hopefully next week start work in the park. We are shooting to open the park on the 31st!

The date for the Geisler Junior Jam has also been postponed until Febuary, stay tuned for exact details….

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Current snowdepth: 50 cm

Impressions form the Funpark