Most part of the Funpark is ready to shred

Funpark Plose is ready for the Geisler Junior Jam that takes place on Jan. 12

Night Rail Battle takes place high up on the Mountain

The first RodeoRiders’event will take place at the top station of the gondola lift. 

Snow and weather conditions are the reason why this new location in Kreuztal / Valcroce has been defined.

It will be a great event for sure!

Last ride with the gondola lift at 9.30 PM 

First Freestyle Event this Winter

Night Rail Battle 

14/12/2013 @ 17:00

International Ski and Snowboard Jib Contest

Bottom Station of Gondola Lift Plose

Aftershowparty +CJ

Count Down until Opening Day 2013

Plose opens on 07th December 2013! 

Check out the events of this winter season.

First signs of next winter

Hi, next winter is showing its teeth – and we love it!

Closing party monday!

Sad that the park will close tomorrow, its been a great season. With the entire region experiencing all time snow conditions, it doesnt feel exactly like the slushy, warm, t shirt and blueblockers event that its meant to be, but we gotta play the cards we are dealt, and fire up the grill either way. Bring your own big kid beverages and we will supply the dogs! See you then…

Dolomiti Superski Shoot Friday!!!!

All rippers!!! Atenzione!!! Friday will be good weather, and we are also doing the shoot for our Dolomiti “superfreestyle” promo video…. So all motivated riders are invited to join us, bring a helmet and a big bag of tricks, please!

Lots has happened at the Funpark Plose since we last spoke, including 2 sweet contests, the South Tirol Freestyle Tour (or something like that) and the Vecio Line Old School Gathering!

See our Facebook site to get caught up on all the photos and results!

AND… less than 2 weeks left in the season, so come and get it before its too late! PEACE

‘olm Buchl’n….. to keep it Fresh!

Thats our motto at Funpark Plose… and, even though I can’t spell that good in dialect, its fun to say. You also know that we ain’t no slouches, so you can expect we have been working hard to keep the park in perfect shape, despite the enourmous amount of traffic we have been getting! Seriously, the park has been packed, with thousands of people riding through daily.

We have re-posistioned a few elements lately, and starting next week, the easy line will get a make-over with some jib improvements and some place changes. You know us, we will for sure keep things fresh and keep suprising you every weekend….

Coming up we have the Bag jump event next weekend, along with the Rodeo Rider’s contest, the Spam Jam, open to all ages.

Not long after that, we have the Snowboarder’s edition of the South Tirol Tour (2nd of March!), and by then we will have done a massive re-shape to get things pimped out for the area’s best up and comers… Long live Snowboarding in South Tirol!!!

Results from the Slopestyle Tour at Plose

Have you seen? We even got an article and a Photo in the Dolomiten!

First of all, a big Congratulations to our local ripper Remo Rossi, who won the kid’s division of the Snowboarders South Tirol Slopestyle Tour Halfpipe contest last weekend!!!

Now the results from the Ski South Tirol Slopestyle Tour from 3.2.13 at Fu

New Elements in the Park

We have installed a few more rails this week…. two 6-meter Riffle Tubes, set paralell to each other, one flat, one down, set up for the transfer! And, a Pole Jam….

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Current snowdepth: cm

Impressions form the Funpark