Yes, we have a great view, the occasional grill party, relaxed events, and a nice place to chill- but the riding is also pretty sweet! Other big news is that this off season we acquired a Main Sponsor, Quiksilver, which we think will really help the park to mature over the next couple seasons.

Our park is situated on a south-facing slope, and we get lots of nice weather, maybe too much… Its almost always sunny. From the top of the park, you have 2 choices- the ‘Easy Line’- where we have smaller jumps, our roller section, and funboxes set up to be… well…. easy.  But, the Easy Line is set up in a way that any rider can appreciate, from novice to pro, jibber to jumper.

You can also choose to ride through ‘Pro Line’ which is were we have our bigger jumps, up to 16 meters, and our kinked rails geared toward more experienced riders.

Our park includes over 25 rails, boxes, wood features and jibs to suit all freeskiiers and snowboarders. This year we have also integrated some rails into the waves, something fun, unique and new for this season. Each run, riders will be able to use up to 15 elements on the Easy Line and Jib Garden, and up to 8 features per run down the Pro Line. We offer 8-10 kickers between 2 and 16 meters, spread throughout the park.

The two lines come together halfway through the park. From there, you enter the Jib Garden, where you’ll find the rest of our rails, set up perfectly and shaped daily, ideal for learning new tricks with low consequence. For this year’s setup, we have re-arranged the park a bit, moving things around, giving everybody something easy to try, while at the same time doing our best to keep the local shredders happy the whole way through the park. Also new for this season, we’ll build a massive 2-sided hip at the bottom of the Pro Line, and we have added 3 new boxes and rails to our already huge rail offering.


Highest point in the Funpark: 2200 m.

Lenght: 750 m

Funpark lift: four person detachable chairlift “Schönboden”

Artificial snow: yes

Ground features: yes

Two line choices, Easy and Pro, Plus the Jib Garden

 We have 26 jib features and 8+ jumps in our park!

10 meter double kinked box *  10 meter double kinked rail *  10 meter flat rail *  9 meter fat rainbow box *  7 meter fat kinked box * 7 meter C-box *  4 meter flat box *  3 meter fat flat box *  Cheese wedge * 8 meter double pipe rail * 5 meter double pipe rail * 5 meter plastic pipe * 7 meter T-profile kinked box * 3 meter picnic table *  4 meter picnic table * 9 meter roller coaster box *  5 meter soft-rainbow box * Old Funpark sign jib * 2 meter iron pipe * 3 meter tree-trunk spine * Half meter wood stump jib * 1 meter wood stump jib * Plastic jib barrel

PLUS NEW RAILS AND BOXES FOR THIS SEASON!!!- 8 meter flat box- 6 meter up/flat/down box- and a 7.5 meter ‘Pill’

Current snowdepth: 50 cm

Impressions form the Funpark